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Haus of Heidi is a secondhand and vintage store based in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. All styles are handpicked by Haus of Heidi's founder, Heidi Becker. 


Heidi has always had a passion for design, whether it be interiors or fashion, and she was recently featured in Apartment Therapy for her creative studio apartment design and her DIY, renter-friendly kitchen. Showcased in her apartment and personal closet are secondhand, upcycled, and vintage pieces that she has collected since her early teens when she discovered her love for thrifting. In addition to owning Haus of Heidi, Heidi also works at a public relations agency. 

Heidi also consults on personal style and offers personalized thrift bundles. Please direct all inquiries to



Our mission is to revive pre-loved styles for yourself and your home to break free of fast fashion’s negative environmental impact, promote sustainable and slow fashion, and empower people to embrace their unique, personal style.


We are reimagining the shopping experience. Gone will be the days of impersonal, mass-produced, and unsustainable shopping. At Haus of Heidi, we envision a future where shopping connects us together to inspire creativity and authenticity.



The production and high consumption of mass-produced fashion is contributing to climate change. We love and value our world, which is why we extend the lifecycle of our garments and decor and promote secondhand shopping.


Each pre-loved item has its unique, storied past, and we invite you to continue its story with your own style and flair. We empower our customers to embrace their individuality and feel their most confident in our one-of-a-kind pieces. 

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